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junior golf tournamentsCongratulations to all our Junior Golfers that did so well.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May 2015

be a successful year for all of you. And for the Juniors moving on to the Senior Groups, Congrats!



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Top 10 Ranking:

  • 1 2700295528 Paul Boshoff Serengeti Golf And Wildlife Estate EK 3 92,5333
  • 2 2700311121 Herman Loubser Paarl Golf Club BL 6 72,4800
  • 3 2700112080 Juan-Pierre Cooper Wingate Park Country Club GN 7 67,8800
  • 4 2700131801 Hennie du Plessis Sesambos Golf Club LP 4 67,2875
  • 5 2700032064 Altin van der Merwe Bellville Golf Club WP 5 65,1500
  • 6 2700025588 Tristen Strydom Serengeti Golf And Wildlife Estate EK 4 64,5000
  • 7 2700173036 Jovan Rebula George Golf Club SC 5 64,2500
  • 8 2700107833 Marco Steyn Modderfontein Golf Club CG 8 56,5167
  • 9 2700071676 Luke Trocado Atlantic Beach Golf Club WP 4 55,4500
  • 10 2700034799 Keegan de Lange Pretoria Country Club

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Where Should I Start With Beginner Golf Lessons

My solution has actually consistently been to find out how to putt first and then learn the short game, brand-new golfers have a challenging time staying off of the driving array and pulling out the motorist. Hitting the motorist is the “gorgeous” component of golf.

With that said being said here is the order I would certainly recommend that you work with your golf game to lower your scores the fastest:.

1. Leaving – Golf Session for Beginners.

Believe it or not, placing technique is the fastest way to decrease your scores. Yes, you check out that appropriately! Putting method is the fastest way to lower your ratings. If you resemble most amateurs the majority of your practice time is spent on the driving range with your vehicle driver. Understand that you will simply attack your motorist 14 times a round most of the times. You could boost your golf game quickly if make a tiny goal of making 5, 10 or 20 3 foot putts prior to you play a round of golf or to end a method session. This is a particular measurable goal that will make you feel the tension of in fact playing. If you do not believe me wait up until you just have to make one additional!

2. Brief game – Golf Session for Beginners.

For our discussion, the brief video game will include cracking and pitching of the golf ball or any type of try that is not a full speed. Many experts and much better golf players will call the brief video game any kind of chance within 100 yards of solitary confinement. If you are just beginning to play it may be everything within FIFTY yards. Make brief game practice fun by playing games with on your own or with friends. Attempt to move the golf sphere up onto the eco-friendly and down into solitary confinement with only 2 chances. This is where the term backwards and forwards originates from. Select from 5 different places to drop you sphere and see if you could do it. As a beginner it will most likely take greater than two gos, so establish your goal at 3 or 4 chances. Again, make it fun, but challenging.

3. Full speed – Golf Session for Beginners.

Lots of beginners like to take group sessions to move begun. There are lots of positives to this format: First, it is extremely social. Secondly, it is normally a cheaper way to obtain introduced to the video game. Third, it may provide you access to different trainers so you can pick which would compare much better for you to take individual sessions from in the future.

Team lessons usually consist of the very essentials of the full swing. You will additionally wish to make sure that the group will have some placing guideline too!

Simply starting the video game, a golf session for newbies must comply with the above order. This will certainly enable the quickest renovation and you having even more fun on the fairway.



The Golf Guide For Beginners As To How You Can Start Playing Golf

junior golf by CurrogolfIndividuals take part on various sports to aid keep in shape and as a pastime to pass time. Some folks delight in playing tennis, soccer, basketball, rugby and others like playing golf. Golf is a very appealing interest that could be played by practically anyone which has the passion for the video game.

Golf is a sport varying from other sport so it is crucial that just before you begin you discover all you can around playing this sport. Before establishing out to the greens you ought to discover concerning golf policies, the necessary tools should play golf and the kind of cloths you ought to put on. You additionally require to be devoted to the sporting activity and make some time to practicing your video game.

Below are a lot more tips on how to go about playing this sporting activity also as a total beginner:.

Golf needs you to be patient with it so give on your own time in finding out just how to correct play it prior to you reach the golf industry. Just before you set out to the area you have to practice your driving range and swing. If you don’t feel great sufficient to go on to the greens you can play on par 3 or smaller pitches till you really feel ready for the big training course.

To play this sport you will certainly need some standard tools such as golf clubs. When beginning out it is a great idea to obtain or rent your set to really feel the sport, if you like it then think about purchasing your very own collection of clubs. Some other equipment that you will need are:.

As you play this game you may locate on your own playing it professional then you will require to acquire even more equipment. Yet when beginning this is mostly all you need.

Similar to other sporting activities golf has some guidelines you should adhere to. You should additionally take you time to discover them all about there are great deals of them. Below is a list of some fundamental policies you require to recognize. Visit this awesome website for more info.

You shouldn’t lug more than 14 golf clubs in your bag.

Playing golf needs you to suit up in a particular method. Some clubs are not so strict on the dress code but it’s a good idea to consistently dress the golf means.

Make certain to mark your golf spheres when teeing off considering that golf spheres are the exact same and can combined with various other golfers rounds.When others are playing you should be silent and do not speak or laugh.

You ought to stay up to date with play because playing sluggish could hold up various other gamers which are using the same golf links as you.Consistently play the ball when it is stable, never touch or quick when it’s in movement.

These are some basics that can obtain you began as a beginner golf player. Keep in mind to practice your golf game and with time you will boost your play and play expert golf.

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The Key To Winning Junior Golf Tournaments

I wish to begin with a brief statement to share that I am not a golf specialist. I am additionally not a golf train. So … you are most likely asking on your own, why around the world is this guy writing a post about junior golf tournaments? The straightforward answer is: I have been around the ready a number of years, as a parent of a junior golfer. I would like to discuss my ideas on junior golf tournaments, and hopefully, help you stay clear of a few of the mistakes that my family members has actually made.



The very first year my son chose to take up golf, we set him up with a collection of lessons from one of the regional golf pro’s. After school ended for the year, we started looking at the junior golf tournaments in our area. We located 4-5 varying organizations that run leading high quality junior golf tournaments.

junior golf tournamentsWithin that tour, the PGA Office will certainly break-down their sponsored competitions (qualifiers, regional tournaments, regional competitions). If this is your gamer’s first year of event play, you do not wish to over-load them. They will certainly acquire terrific encounter playing in the one-day events that are created for neighborhood players of all capabilities.

2. Another terrific source of information is The First Tee Program. If you have this program in your area, I would strongly suggest raising them concerning regional events. The golf pro’s usually have wonderful information, and could aim you in the right direction.

3. You will find some fantastic junior golf tournaments on the net. However, as a very first year gamer, ignore the larger tournaments and organizations. My individual viewpoint is you have lots of time to go after these junior golf tournaments down the road.

4. As your junior golfer developments in their golf career, you can then start looking at the 2-3 day events. There are a lot of quality competitions out there that will certainly empower your junior golfer gain experience and exposure.



What Tournaments to Enter As A Junior Golfer

So, you have a younger golf player (age 8 to 18). You are not a golf player, and have no suggestion what tournaments they must enter. Right here are some concepts:

For the brand-new golfer that has actually never played in a junior competition: I would look into to view if you have a State PGA Workplace in your location. Go to the website and look for junior tournaments. Several State PGA Workplace’s deal a terrific younger event program. Oftentimes the junior tournament collection is broken down in to neighborhood tournaments, local tournaments and qualifying tournaments. To start, I would check out the listing of regional tournaments. These are excellent events for your starting golf player. They are typically held at city courses, and are not as difficult as some of the other larger occasions. There would be golfers of all skill fix these events. Another fantastic source of information is to discover your neighborhood First Tee Training Center. They usually know on all the jr tournaments in the area.


For the intermediate junior golf player that awaits additional: When your junior golfer has actually played in numerous of the neighborhood 1-day tournaments, you could start discovering the 2-day occasions. Directly, I would certainly blend the neighborhood tournaments with 1-3 numerous day events. I think it is necessary for the younger golf enthusiast to “acquire their feet damp” with just a few of these bigger events, before they dive in.

For that golf player looking to play in university: Now you ought to actually rest down and analyze the event schedule. The more 2-3 day tournaments your junior golf enthusiast could play in, the better it is.

Depending on what location of the country you stay in, there are all kinds of multiple day events. I would suggest going digital and doing a hunt for junior golf tournaments. You will see numerous organizations that are noted. Below is an essential note: make certain to take note of your junior golfers competition outcomes. University recruiters actually prefer to see ratings, training courses played, and so on.

In this event procedure, I assume it’s ALRIGHT to challenge your junior golf player. You certainly do not want to enter them in tournaments that are over their ability level. I think it’s definitely OKAY to enter them in tournaments that push them a little bit.

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